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                                         Scotchs True Cowboy

In the early 1900’s the Historic King Ranch was extremely successful at linebreeding some of the best horses in the country. Eventually however, the gene pool became overly inbred and progress stagnated. Recognizing the need for new genes, King Ranch began test breeding. Mr. San Peppy produced such fine foals King Ranch purchased him in 1976 as the perfect outcross. San Peppy won the NCHA World Cutting title as well as the AQHA World Championship and was the first ever to do so. He went on to several “first evers” and became a foundation sire for the King Ranch. His son Peppy San Badger continued in his daddy’s footsteps.


In 1977 PEPPY SAN BADGER won the NCHA Futurity.
In 1978 PEPPY SAN BADGER won the NCHA Derby.
In 1980 PEPPY SAN BADGER was inducted in to NCHA Hall of Fame.
1980 he was named Reserve World Champion winning the Open Division of the 1981 NCHA Finals.
Little Peppy was, until recently, the all-time leading sire of NCHA
competition cutting horses. His offspring have won in excess of $20,000,000.

Today, although every horse on King Ranch goes back to Old Sorrel and one of the “Peppy’s”, research shows that the stock are genetically diverse due to the careful addition of outcrosses. There is much concern about the lack of genetic diversity in today’s quarter and paint horses, particularly in reining and halter. Mare owners should be especially careful to choose a genetically diverse stallion similar to what was done on the King Ranch.

Scotchs True Cowboy (Dakota) has many of the same fine qualities as his ancestors.


In addition to the fine performance qualities of the San Peppy line Dakota is double Sonny De Bar bred (on each side of his pedigree). Sonny Dee carried the bloodlines of both the great foundation quarter horses; Three Bars and Leo. Sonny Dee Bar was a halter horse, one of the finest:

Superior Halter, 1971
ROM Halter
ROM Performance, 1970
Hall of Fame, 2003 AQHA
Total Points Earned: 72; Halter Points: 62; Perf Points: 10.
Sired: World Champion, Reserve World Champion, Top Ten World Show, Supreme Champion, Superior Halter, Superior Performance, AQHA High Point Perf., AQHA Champion, NRHA Money-earners, Race Money-earners, ROM Halter, ROM Performance, NSBA Hall of Fame, NSBA Money-earners.

Sonny Dee Bar’s foals have earned over 35,000 Points in 4 different breeds. He sired 1,068 colts of which 409 earned 24,106 AQHA Performance Points. He produced World Champions, AQHA Champions and the High Point Western Pleasure stallion Sonny Deluxe to just name a few. Several of his sons became Leading Sires of Performance Horses.

This is what a long time Horseman from eagle Ridge Farms had to say about Sonny:

'Course SONNY DEE BAR needs no introduction.  He is considered a LEGEND and one of the GREATEST All-Time Sires.  If you've ever visited our Mare Intro/Bloodlines page, SONNY DEE BAR is the FIRST name listed.  We've had a LOVE of the Sonny horses since we got started.  Sonny Dee Bar horses are known as "THE REAL DEAL"....Incredible conformation, gentle, laid back dispositions, honest and dependable, highly intelligent, easy to train and athletic.   Topped with lots of eye catching "Chrome". The type of horse EVERYBODY  loves and enjoys.  You don't have to be a professional in order to get along with them.  We often joke that our "Sonny's" are "born broke".  


From Sonny, Dakota gets his correct conformation and a whole lotta pretty.

photo at 18 years of age

Stud fee of $5000 in 1983. That is over $12000 in 2015!


Dakota, like both of his great-great-grandfathers is the perfect outcross for your mares. He is six panel negative for HYPP, GBED, HERDA, PSSM1, OWLS, AND MH. He is strong boned and flat kneed. At 16 hands he is not too large for reining and large enough and sound enough for everything you could want to do in all arounds. He is conformationally correct and pretty enough to show in performance halter. As OWL negative he is safe to breed your overo mare to. Nine out of the last 14 ancestors are quarter horse. He will cross wonderfully with your AQHA mare without the leg, hoof, and check ligament issues. And he can jog in a box!

Dakota is smart and curious and a quick study, but there is not a mean bone in his body. No one, not even his trainers; Olin Parker and Valerie Gramm have ever seen him put his ears back.

Dakota was a late baby so we are bringing him along slowly while he grows. He has very limited showing as a two year old in halter and color.

He will stand for six weeks in 2016 from 2/15 to 3/31 and then will hit the show ring. We expect him to excel in WP. He will stand to several All Time Fancy mares and expect this to be a terrific cross to produce talented all arounders.

Dakota’s Introductory Breeding Fee for 2016 only, will be $500.

Free breeding to World Champions

Color Guarantee/Live Foal Guarantee

AI only/EVA tested and vaccinated

Peppy San Badger

"Dakota" at 26 months

Sonny Dee Bar

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